Welcome to Boggy Depot, Oklahoma, home to Judd Glenny and his vampire family.

Blood & Dust

All Judd Glenny wanted was for him and his family to be left alone. That's why they lived in the swamp and didn't bother the nearby town of Boggy Depot, no matter how good they might taste.

You see Judd has a deal with the town, he leaves them alone and helps them out when they need it and they don't bother him or his family. Because there's something in the swamp that's worse than Judd, and it feeds on kids.

And tonight, it's got one of Judd's...

Our Story

Co-Created by Michael R. Martin & Adam Orndorf, Blood & Dust is the tale of Judd Glenny, the first American vampire and his family. Originally published by NightShade Comics in 2014 after being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Blood & Dust was later published by Action Lab Entertainment for their Danger Zone line in 2016.

In 2017 Blood & Dust is returning home to its roots and being published again by NightShade Comics, with the Kickstarter for Volume 2: Glenny Family Values slated to begin on October 1st.

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