Talking Comicon Reviewed the first 3 issues of Blood & Dust!

B-n-D01 Cover
Cover by Brett Weldele

Go have a look at the spoiler filled review of Blood & Dust by Derek over at Talking Comicon.  Spoiler Alert, they love the book!

Vampire stories. I loathe vampire stories. In fact… I don’t think there has been a decent vampire story written since Blade or as cult like as The Lost Boys. Twilight has ruined it. They really have. Underworld was the “cool” Twilight. But it was still garbage. True Blood? Give me a break. And now we are stuck with Vampire Diaries. BARF! It’s about damn time someone came along and brought the gore back. Brought the violence back. Even better, they created a new lore that is different from anything I’ve ever read or seen on screen. And the best part so far… is that I still have no idea what is really going on.