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Meeting the Blood & Dust Family in 2017!

Whew what a year it’s been!

It’s been a crazy first half of the year and you guys have made it an awesome one! We had a full schedule of convention appearances, giving us the chance to meet the Family both new and old!


NightShade booth
We brought a lot of new stuff for you this year, including prints on canvas and metal!

We kicked off 2017 in March at Wondercon in Anaheim, California and had a blast exhibiting at our first convention outside of Arizona!

We wanted to make it a special appearance so Tone Rodriguez, artist for Volume 2 of Blood & Dust:Glenny Family Values did a variant cover we limited to 25 of what we called “Clean” Ruth & “Bloody” Ruth. Bloody Ruth being the biggest hit of the show, being snatched up by our awesome fans new and old!

Adrian here heard about Blood & Dust on Pete’s Basement, but couldn’t get it at his local comic book shop. So he was really excited to meet the Co-Creator & Writer Michael R. Martin and get them signed at Wondercon. The truth is, Mike was even more excited because it was the first time he had been at a convention someone recognized his pitch from a review! Welcome to the Family Adrian!

One of the things I’m most proud of about Blood & Dust is the fantastic artists I get to work with. Raymund Lee is not only incredibly talented, but also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. This Judd vs. the Boggy Depot Monster was one of the first digital paintings he surprised me with and to this day is one of my favorites. When I was deciding on which pieces of art to get made into metal prints, this one was an easy choice to make. Check out the shiny below!

Free Comic Book Day at Drawn To Comics

I was honored to be asked to be at Eisner Award nominated Drawn To Comics in Glendale, Arizona and man what a party Ken and Co. threw! They had lines around the VA Hall they rented out behind their store for the occasion before the sun was up, and as always they were ready to take care of their customers with shade and water to fight the Arizona heat in May.

Once the doors were open the people were greeted with stacks of comics and Creators ready to meet their fans, do some sketches, and sell whatever type art they do. I gave a away a lot of older books I had left over when I self published, and sold a lot of our trade paperback Volume 1:The Life & Undeath of Judd Glenny. I can’t wait to go back again next year and see everyone again and hopefully meet some new folks to bring into the Family!

free comic book day selfie
These awesome folks behind me actually came out to Drawn To Comics just to meet me on Free Comic Day in 2917! It’s such an honor people like our baby so much they come out to meet us so I (for once because I’m always so excited I always forget to take one) had to get a selfie with them!

Mad Monster Party 2017

May Madness continued when we went to Mad Monster Party at the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in Fountain Hills, Arizona and what a party it was!

Mad Monster Buttons
We made up some special buttons to give away in the VIP bags at Mad Monster. Do you guys dig them and would you like some of your own?

My wife Jeanne & I had never been to a horror convention and immediately felt right at home with all our fellow fright and Halloween freaks! Not to mention the incredible guest list with stars like Doug Bradley, Tom Savini, Linda Blair, Sid Haig, and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido it was a like walking around in a Who’s Who of Horror!

Mike & Sid
Mike was thrilled to meet Sid Haig, star of House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and many more movie & TV shows. Sid was gracious enough to accept a copy of Blood & Dust and autograph a picture for Mike. The Devil’s Rejects influenced the look and feel Mike & Adam were going for when they created the story.

We saw a lot of great stuff and met a lot of new family members, sometimes all at the same time!

Yvette & Mike
Yvette here not only has the most BEAUTIFUL little babies, but also great taste! She bought BOTH of our canvas prints as well as the books. She’s the kind of lady we’re proud to call Family!

Let’s not forget that because of Mad Monster Party, Mike now owns a life sized wooden coffin!

Michael R. Martin in his coffin
Thanks to Michael I now have my own coffin in my office! Check him out on Instagram as HalloweenPsycho!

Phoenix Comicon 2017

We wrapped up Madness in May with Phoenix Comicon over Memorial Day weekend. It was our third year vending at Phoenix Comicon and our best year ever! In spite of the crazy incident with Phoenix PD and a severely mentally disturbed man the convention was a huge success for us and everyone we know.

PHXCC 2017
Jeanne & Moses ready to meet and greet the public and tell them all about Blood & Dust!
Don’t worry, Moses was much more enthused than this picture would lead you to think.

We offered up two variant covers this year, so if you stopped by Adam’s booth you could pick up the variant he created for Glenny Family Values, like you see below. If you came by the NightShade Comics booth, Mike had the Tone Rodriguez variant for sale.

Adam Cover with Neil
Neil got to pick up this years exclusive cover by series Co-Creator Adam Orndorf.

I really loved the Wondercon cover and wanted to use it again, but honor the exclusive I promised folks in Anaheim. So I asked Raymund to color the moon with the Arizona state flag and added the Phoenix Comicon logo for 2017. We only made 50 of these for the show and sold a lot of them, helping make this one of our best years ever! Thank you Phoenix!

Phoenix Glenny Family Values
Our limited variant cover for Phoenix to preview our next volume, Glenny Family Values!

Amazing Las Vegas

We wrapped up the first half of this year in June with Amazing Las Vegas, which lived up to its name! Packed with celebrities from pop culture & comics, there was something there for everybody.

Mike & Chris
The best part of doing conventions is meeting people who I’ve met either by doing their podcasts or they’ve reviewed Blood & Dust and I’ve reached out to thank them. I’ve done both of those with Chris and was thrilled to meet him. He’s a big fan of our story and an awesome guy who loves comics and puts on a great podcast!

Two big personal ones for me at this show. First up, meeting Gerry Conway and giving him a copy of Blood & Dust:The Life & Undeath of Judd Glenny and Issue 1 of Blood & Dust:Glenny Family Values was awesome. He said the book looked beautiful and he couldn’t wait to read it, which had me floating away in a big fan haze. You know this is who created the Punisher right?!?! OMG!!

Gerry & Mike
Gerry Conway, Co-Creator of some of comics greatest characters including my favorite Frank Castle, aka. The Punisher! Also a really nice genuine guy who was a pleasure to talk with.

What could possibly beat that? One word.


1966 Batmobile
Yes, this is the real deal and not a recreation. This is the original Batmobile from the 1966 TV show starring Adam West & Burt Ward! Adam was supposed to be at the show but sadly passed away shortly before the show. Burt Ward and Lee Meriweather were there though and it was great to see them.

So what could be better than that?

The Batmobile actually driving!!!

That wraps up the first half of 2017!

Thanks to all of you who we’ve met, we can’t wait to meet even more of you and have you join our Family!
We’re focusing on getting the Kickstarter together for October and won’t be at any more shows this year, but we’re looking forward to hitting the road again in 2018 and meeting more of you! Keep checking back as we continue to update the site and offer more badassery in the Blood & Dust store and universe!


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