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A Kickstarter Update & A Funny Story!

I have a funny story to tell you folks.

Tone and I were at Wondercon this year when we met a couple of gentlemen who were looking for comic properties to put on an app that prisoners could purchase and read on their tablets. Seems folks behind bars get little tablets to buy games and books to read.

I got really excited about this idea. Blood & Dust is an adult title and I figured it would do well on this platform, so I reached out to them the other day to further discuss the prospects and received the following response:

Hi Michael,

I just looked at your Blood and Dust comics again and actually don’t think that it would be a good fit for the jail platform. This is mainly due to the blood/gore, sexual themes, and profanity in the comics. Unfortunately there is no way that the platform would approve this type of content for inmates.

If the platform ever accepts this type of content I will definitely reach out to you again. Thanks for understanding!

I think that might be one of the best testimonials for Blood & Dust I think I could have ever asked for! Too bloody and violent for prisoners! Oh, and too much profanity. FUCK YEAH!! Freedom motherfucker can you smell it?!?!?! Embrace your freedom to do what those in jail can’t and read Blood & Dust today!

Ruth’s first meal was her children.


For those of you that need more convincing, James Ferguson from HorrorTalk.com and the Funnybook Splatter podcast got an early look at volume 2 and had some really great things to say.

Blood & Dust takes the vampire mythos to new heights with Glenny Family Values. It separates itself from other appearances of the creature to tell a unique, gripping story. In short, it’s damn good. I’m very curious as to where writers Michael R. Martin and Adam J. Orndorf take the Glenny Family next.”

Please go check out the full review at HorrorTalk.com!

Andrew Mangum Kickstarter Exclusive Cover

Now if that got you all excited to read Glenny Family Values, remember you’ll get your digital copies by the end of November! No waiting for anyone at any pledge level to get to read what happens in Boggy Depot next!

Kickstarter live

I’m doing a Kickstarter Live again on Sunday October 28th at 10am PST talking about Halloween, the book, and all things vampire! Come join me and let’s chat it up!


Don’t forget if you’ve had your eye on one of our rewards like a cool t-shirt or maybe a sketch by Tone you can now adjust your pledge and increase it the amount for what you’d like and message me and I’ll make sure you get it when you get your regular reward! You can also do it after we fund through Backerkit as well, but doing it now helps make sure we make it to our funding goal!

Available add on rewards for your pledge!

Once again, thanks for reading if you’re interested in my project and if you’re already a backer thank you so much! With all your help I’m sure we’ll make it to our goal! If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts please feel free to message me. I love talking with you guys!


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