Momma is off her chain, out of her mind, and STARVING!

Free for the first time in decades and hell bent on making up for lost time, Ruth is headed straight for the town of Boggy Depot to feed on its inhabitants.

The only one who can stop her is Judd Glenny, her grandfather and the one who made her in the first place…who’s regretted it every night since.

Volume 2, Glenny Family Values picks up where Volume 1 ended and also tells the story of how Judd, his grand-daughter Ruth and her kids Zeke, Saul, and Baby Hazel came to be trapped together for eternity by becoming the first American vampires. 

More than a horror story, Blood & Dust is a story of a family and the struggles they face trying to keep themselves safe, and the struggle Judd has of keeping the world safe from his family. 

Co-Created by Michael R. Martin & Adam Orndorf, Volume 1 of the Blood & Dust saga The Life & Undeath of Judd Glenny introduced you to Judd and his vampire kin originally published by Action Lab: Danger Zone. Now it’s been brought back home to NightShade Comics after being successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2017, Volume 2 arrives in March 2018 and is available now for preorder at our online store HERE.

“Blood & Dust takes the vampire mythos to new heights with Glenny Family Values.”

James & Comic Book Splatter Podcast

“We are all horror veterans at this point, and to have found a book that deals with vampires and even when some of us aren’t big vampire fans, yet this tickled our fancy because it was a new take on an old, old, old trope. And to do something different at this pint is saying a lot and is a tall order!”

Cecil Laird & Jaime Fuego-The Horror Show

“You think your family has issues? This is a family story like no other and frankly I’d want it no other way. Blood & Dust: Glenny Family Values is a well-rounded comic anyone can enjoy and a vampire tale with heart (in a peculiar way). From an intriguing storyline to its defining illustrations, this next arc in the Blood & Dust series is solid on all levels. Do you need to know about, or have read, the first run (Blood & Dust: The Life & Undeath of Judd Glenny)? Not at all, although I highly recommend it. PopCultHQ’s Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars!”

Jason Bennett-Pop Cult HQ

“I can’t remember the last time I read a horror story as ingenuitive as Blood & Dust. It’s vampire horror at its finest, and Volume 2 takes the mythos in a totally new direction. This is a must read for any fang-fan!”

Pete DeLuca-Pete’s Basement

Blood & Dust Volume 2, Glenny Family Values Trailer